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Why meditation will change your life & how to realise you CAN do anything! 🧘‍♀️ W Rochelle Fox!


It’s time to get zen 🧘‍♀️ Today we are joined by the queen of meditation, Rochelle Fox. If you are wanting to know a bit more about meditation, what the benefits are and how it can change your life, then today’s ep is for you! Meditation is such a powerful practice and when you inject it into your every day routine, powerful changes can happen. Rochelle breaks down what changes she has seen since meditating & how much it has truly changed her life. We also dive deep into the law of attraction and re-writing your story! This ep is a must listen for anyone wanting to come back to their centre & squeeze the most out of 2022!


G is currently on mat leave, we are bringing you the best bits of our previous eps in a condensed version! To listen to today’s full episode, click here


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