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Stop emasculating men & step into your feme energy with Monica Yates 🔥

Has the feminist movement gone too far? 🔥 Today we are joined by Monica Yates. If you don’t know Monica she is a life coach but really is a jack of all trades and has a wealth of knowledge in all things sex, pleasure, fem/masculine energy, Men empowerment, business and life. We have had Monica on the pod before and you guys absolutely loved her, so today she is back for part 2. Monica is very passionate about Men empowerment and how as a society, we need to stop emasculating Men. In today’s chat we talk about how the feminist movement has gone too far and Men feel as though they have lost their place in society! This ep may trigger you, but it’s worth the listen! Listen in to hear Monica’s views on the movement and her best tips to how we can empower Men and make our relationships even stronger. 

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