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How to WIN every argument with Crystal Andrews AKA Zee Feed 🕺

In episode 83, I bring you an episode with Crystal Andrews! Crystal is a journalist, founder of her digital news platform Zee Feed  and is the author of a little book with a big mission called 'How to Win Every Argument'. 

This book aims to help people get informed on the hottest issues that shape our society and learn how to stay calm when debating them. And let me tell you, we even had our own little ‘calm discussion’ about astrology in this one 😂 

We dive into a couple chapters from her book and hear about why having big conversations about big issues is so important, and how it can slowly help change the world. I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I do, Crystal is super down to earth and we had so much fun.

You can find her book here and follow her digital news platform here.


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