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How to Live Above Zero, take control & have more! w/ author & mindset coach Lauren Kerr

Do you ever think to yourself… There MUST be more to life than this? Sorry to hit you with the hard questions on a Friday morning 😂 But your answer may be within today’s episode! Today’s guest is the effervescent ray of sunshine, Lauren Kerr. Lauren holds a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours, is a mindset coach and is the author of her incredible book Life Above Zero. She began her career in Child Protection before pivoting into her current role of empowering others to show there’s more to life than just ‘surviving’ - there’s thriving & flourishing, too!

In our conversation, we get down to what positive psychology is, how we can go beyond living a life above zero, and how self-sabotage can prevent us from moving forward. Lauren also shares some amazing resources that will help you realign with your values and identify whether you’re just ‘coasting’ along in life. Lauren’s advice is empowering and absolutely realistic - I adore her energy and know you will too! 

You can find Lauren’s book here, her *free* Happiness Test we mentioned in the episode here and her *free* Side Hustle eGuide here!

You can also find her on Instagram and her Babes Talking Business Podcast here.


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