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Ep 21: F*ck your diet!! How to make eating easy with author Caroline Dooner

Caroline writes funny self-help for chronic dieters and is the author of the book The F*ck It Diet. Before she became a full-time writer and irreverent mindfulness teacher, she spent years as a performer, trying really hard to fit into the tiny/beautiful category. She also believed she was a food addict, and so she dieted like it was her job, and she hoped it would help her meet her destiny, but all it did was crush her soul and hurt her body. Now she runs a business called The F*ck It Diet and writes about our relationship to food and weight. She runs online workshops and courses and shares cutting-edge science on weight, health, and metabolism. She believes wholeheartedly that anyone can heal from food obsession - and that the cure lies in the last place we thought: eating and trusting out body.

We chat about the science behind why diets don’t work, how to rebuild your relationship with food, how to conquer binge eating and health at every size movement.

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Introducing Caroline Dooner, author of “The Fuck It Diet” 1:14

  1. What is The Fuck It Diet?: “I thought I was a food addict....” 5:30

  2. “You’re missing the point” 8:15

  3. Dieting to be healthy? “My dieting was doing the exact opposite of what I thought it was doing…” 10:38

  4. The BIG epiphany: “My obsession with being thin and controlling my weight was the core of the problem” 11:54

  5. Caroline weighs in...Why do women have such an obsession with being skinny? 12:20

  6. “You can improve your health, without losing weight” 15:24

  7. Dieting… Does it make us more fixated on food? Hunger & stress hormones. 21:32

  8. The 1 thing Caroline wish she knew 10 years ago…  24:54

  9. How do diets fuck up our body? “...sacrificing other parts of your body to focus on staying alive” 26:39

  10. Lies we’re told & how to change our mindset and stop micromanaging our diet 33:10

  11. Diets are cults!? 33:37

  12. Calories… “it’s about unlearning” 35:41

  13. Fantastic book recommendations & scientific studies 37:21

  14. Rebuilding a healthy relationship with food: Binging is a reactive state, not the core problem of dieting 40:03

  15. “Health is something we can seek, regardless of size” 46:56

  16. The Fuck it Diet’s “belief release” tool: Processing stuck emotion & approaching our hunger 53:25


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