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Ep 16: Foods for PMS, what to do when you get a cold & the truth about the #glutenfree trend with Jennifer Iserloh

This week’s guest is the amazing Jennifer Iserloh.  Jennifer started out as a classically trained chef who then became a celebrating chef. To maintain balance during her hectic career, she became a certified yoga teacher, a certified reiki practitioner.  She is the best-selling author of 22 books and regularly appears on TV to share her amazing knowledge. Apart from her books, television appearances and writings, Jennifer continues to empower people to take a greater role in their holistic health and enjoy life more.

Today Jennifer and I are discussing important topics like how to use food to heal your body, what are here go to superfoods, foods that help with PMS, what is the truth about this gluten free trend and sooo much more! Ohk let’s get straight into the show.

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  1. Her journey to making food her career: “The more you cook for yourself, the more you can really control the quality of food that you eat... I started to learn the basics of nutrition” 3:44

  2. “I knew that I had an emotional eating addiction…” 4:55

  3. Alchemy: A spiritual science. Chakras? Yoga? Healing people through food? 6:40

  4. Functional medicine chats. “how can changes in your diet heal some of these conditions…”  10:36

  5. Hashtag gluten free: “first of all, not everyone has a sensitivity” 11:40

  6. “Glyphosate can literally tear your intestines to shreds” 12:05

  7. So, what is a gluten intolerance? Gut/ brain axis 12:35

  8. Using food to ease PMS pain: “Eating vegetables that detoxify” plus more handy tips. 18:25

  9. Superfood veggie chats 22:04

  10. “The idea of stocking up on superfoods means that you can get more nutrition in, without having to eat massive amounts” 23:01

  11. Genetic code & gut testing 26:03

  12. “I love adaptogens… they change you on a molecular structure” 27:50

  13. An adaptogen helps you to adapt… but how? 28:40

  14. Adaptogens to achieve a zen state improve stamina & heal your thyroid 32:23

  15. Jennifer’s holy grail habit: “I have meditated every day for the past three years… when you meditate every day, something transformational happens” 35:24

  16. Healing the sniffles… Jennifer’s recipe for healing a cold. “I take fresh ginger root...” 37:53

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