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Discover Your Dharma (purpose) with Sahara Rose ☸️

We are back in your ears for Season 4 and kicking off with a goodie! Finding your soul’s purpose is something a lot of people struggle with ☸️ But today’s guest has not only found hers, but spends her life helping others find theirs too. Today’s chat is with Sahara Rose. Sahara is a best-selling author, public speaker and host of the wildly popular podcast, The Highest Self. If you’ve been wondering what your soul purpose is or how to find it, then this ep unpacks it all for you. We dive deep into Sahara’s newest book ‘Discover Your Dharma’, Sahara explains what our Dharma is and how you can find yours. This ep is for anyone wanting more from life, but may not be sure what ‘more’ is. Enjoy! X

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