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Decluttering your life + how to start a successful blog with Steph Pase AKA ‘Just Another Mummy Blog’

Today’s episode is with Steph Pase AKA Just Another Mummy Blog, who has absolutely mastered the art of organisation (and yes, she does have the most satisfying cupboards in the world). 

We also dive into what it takes to start up a super successful blog, how she balances her biz ventures with mum life and how she maintains a raw + honest presence online. This one will have you decluttering your life, as well as every room of the house! Listen in...

You can find Steph on Instagram here

You can find Steph’s blog here

You can find Steph’s planners here


In this ep, we also touch on Steph’s experience with PND and PNA. If you feel you or a friend might be suffering from PND or PNA please check out the following resources:

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