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Christie Swadling Pt 1 // Overcoming her ED, the truth about recovery + why she stopped being Vegan

This episode is Pt 1 of my conversation with the effervescent firecracker that is Christie Swadling, who you may know from YouTube as Cee.

Cee opens up about her experience with an eating disorder, the true reality of her recovery process and why it compelled her to share her story online. She goes through how she challenged and overcame the negative thoughts that once consumed her and why she made the decision to stop following a vegan diet.

You can find Cee on Instagram and on YouTube


CW: This ep touches on topics surrounding eating disorders, ie anorexia nervosa and binge eating. If you find these topics triggering or distressing, perhaps opt out of this one and tune into Pt 2 with Cee with contains lighter content. If you’re struggling, please reach out to a local support group or a mental health professional.


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