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Blazing your own trail 🔥with Cara Alwill, author, blogger & master life coach.

Our first interview for S3 is with the absolute powerhouse, Cara Alwill! Cara is a self-published author of 9 books, host of the Style Your Mind podcast, master life coach and founder of the Champagne Diet blog. Cara’s mission is to empower women to blaze their own trails and be their own permission slip in honouring their dreams and living their most effervescent lives. 

Cara decided to honour her dream of becoming an author after becoming exhausted in her corporate role. After facing rejection from book agencies, she decided to take matters into her own hands and become a self-published author! Fast forward today and one of her most popular books, Girl Code, has been translated into 7 different languages and has impacted more women than she could have imagined.

In our chat, Cara shares so much advice from how to shift into a more positive vibe and why jealousy between female entrepreneurs is dead. Her messages in her books, and in this ep, have been so impactful for my own journey. I know you’ll find value in her words, too!

You can check out Cara’s book Girl On Fire here

You can find her Champagne Diet Blog here

And her IG @thechampagnediet 

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