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6 months since my miscarraie 🕊 how i’ve healed & why we need to talk about it

*TRIGGER WARNING* In this ep I open up about my miscarraige. If you are currently going through it, sending you so much love. 

So as most of you would know, 6 months ago I had a miscarraige and I never really fully opened up to you all about it.  I’ve been putting off recording this ep as I knew it would be a hard one, but I felt it was important to talk about this taboo topic and shed some light on the topic. I want women to know that it’s okay to speak about and you are not alone. I also wanted to speak on what I have been doing to heal from it 🕊 This ep is super real and raw and packed with emotion, but I felt it was time I told you all what really happened and hopefully help someone heal from going through something similar. 

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