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Why people who journal are more successful…


One of my favourite things about journalling is that it provides a way for me to connect with myself every single day. After implementing this practice into my life I saw a huge difference in how much I understood myself and those around me. 

Journalling isn’t just writing about what happened in your day - it allows you unpack things that went well & why, things that may not have gone as well & why and also have a deeper look into some of your feelings. 

You’ll find that most successful people journal in some way or another and I truly believe that journalling can help you catapult to success quicker than you can imagine. Here’s why: 

  • Journaling connects you with yourself. Journalling is a conscious and intentional practice that is prompting you to dig deeper within yourself and analyse your thoughts and feelings which allows you to form a deep and meaningful connection with yourself. 
  • It helps process big feelings. We all have a lot going on and sometimes things can feel incredibly overwhelming. As soon as you put your thoughts down on paper they no longer have power over you. You can easily and objectively sift through what is going on, what’s important and what doesn’t need to be worried about. 
  • It allows you to reflect on your evolution. Often it can be so easy to forget where you started and feel like you haven’t gone very far. By writing down our thoughts, feelings and goals we are able to revisit where we were at points in time. This can be such a testament to our evolution and remind you how far you have come. 
  • It helps you to practise gratitude. When looking to improve ourselves and manifest our desires it can be so easy to forget to be grateful for where we are and how far we’ve already come. Journaling allows us to be conscious about practising gratitude. I personally love to end on gratitude even if I’ve been journaling on triggers because gratitude is the highest vibration. 

  • We live in a world where success is often looked at as external achievements but journalling is an incredible way to track our internal growth and recognize what an achievement that is in itself. Through this connection to your thoughts, feelings and aspirations you are becoming more clear on who you are, embracing yourself and loving yourself. 

    We recently did an episode on the podcast where I answered all of your most asked journalling questions (and there were a lot) so if you want to know the ins and outs of journaling and my personal tips then you can listen to that here. 

    If you’re looking to do some daily journalling, you will love our LHFM Manifestation journal that has an entire prompts glossary for you (you can find that here) BUT I thought I’d give you some of my favourite prompts for gratitude. 

    • What are three things I'm grateful for today? 
    • Who made a positive impact on my day and how can I express gratitude to them? 
    • What challenges or setbacks have I overcome recently and what positive aspects can I find within them?
    • How has my environment contributed to my well-being and how can I show appreciation for it? 
    • What qualities or strengths do I appreciate about myself and how have they enriched my life?

    Love always, 

    G xx