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Why you need to start showing up as your next level self ⚡️

Hey Girlfriend 

You would have heard me talk about ‘your next level self,’ but I haven’t ever gone into detail on a blog about who they are, how we can show up as them and why it is so powerful to start doing so. 

So firstly, who is your next level self? 

Your next level self is literally the next level of yourself. The person you are aspiring to become, the person who you are manifesting into, the person who got that promotion or got that job or got a pay rise or starting showing up more confidently, the person who is just around the corner. 

Your next level self is who you get up for every morning, who you find motivation for, who you work hard for, who you dream to be… the best news? Your next level self is just around the corner. 

Whenever I want to achieve something or become something, I ask myself - what would my next level self do? 

How would I go about this?

What would I be wearing? 

What time would I wake up? 

What would my exercise routine look like?

What music would I listen to?

What people would I hang around with?

How would I feel about money?

I go deep into detail, so I can start showing up as her now. 

The power of showing up as your next level self means you get there quicker. 

The universe will know you are ready and will start working with you to bring you opportunities you would have never even thought were possible. 

For example - when I started the Rise & Conquer podcast, I knew I wanted to grow to be in the top charts and I wanted to be a go-to self-development podcast. 

So when I first started the podcast I did everything that I would have to do if I had already grown. We did 2 podcasts a week, had special guests, wrote show notes etc. 

And you know what happened next? We became a go-to self-development podcast that was (and has remained) in the top charts. 

Another example is way back when I was practicing law. I wanted a promotion, and that promotion would mean I started a bit earlier, I finished a bit later, I dressed a bit nicer and I was living as my next level self. 

So what did I do? I started coming to work a bit earlier, staying a bit later & dressing a bit nicer - I started living as though I already had the promotion before I was given it. 

What happened next? I got the promotion. 

An example for my girl gang who struggle with confidence. Your next level self, she wouldn’t care about what others thought, she wouldn’t worry about who was watching or what they were thinking - she would just do her. 

So, to become your next level self, you need to act as if you don’t care about those things. You need to show up for yourself and your next level self as if you already have all the confidence in the world. 

A little exercise to try… 

Try writing these 10 things in your journal and see what comes up for you! Before you begin, I want you to think of your next level self as you answer the questions...

  1. What would they wear?
  2. What time would they get up in the morning?
  3. What would their meals look like?
  4. What would their morning routine look like?
  5. What traits would they hold?
  6. How would others see them? 
  7. What time would they wake up?
  8. What would their social life look like?
  9. Who would they hang around?
  10. What would their salary look like?

Success for you looks different to success for me, so really think about what YOUR next level self looks like… then start showing up as them now. 

Your dream life is just around the corner GF 🦋 

If you are wanting to learn more about manifestation and stepping into your next level self, then my 6-week Rise & Conquer Project would be perfect for you. We dive deep into who our next level self is, how we can attract them and how we can build the life of our dreams. If you want to know more you can check it out here. There will be another intake mid-year. 

Love always 

G xx 

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