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Why do people get triggered & how can we work through it?

Hey my loves, 

Are you someone who constantly gets triggered by things and you can’t work out why?

A listener DM’d us a few weeks ago about something I did that actually triggered her asking us to help her unpack it because she couldn’t quite pinpoint what was triggering her. 

But it got me thinking, how many people actually know what it means when they get triggered? 

Essentially, when you are triggered by something it is a mirror for something you desire for yourself or something that you are limiting yourself from. 

I want to use this DM as an example so have a read of it below: 

What this reflects to me is that potentially this person is limiting herself from being multifaceted and not allowing herself to try new things because it wouldn’t look integral to someone from the outside. 

Another example is when someone’s boundaries might trigger you. Say you often tend to work overtime at work just to get things done if someone asks but the one time you ask someone to do something just before finishing time they say they’ll get to it first thing the next day. A boundary like this could trigger you if it is something you wished you enforced for yourself. 

Triggers are mirrors for things that we want to be able to do for ourselves or for things we need to unpack. It is so important to acknowledge our triggers and work to unpack them so that you can move past them. 

So, when you are triggered by something, here are some journaling prompts you can use to unpack it: 

  • What thoughts and emotions am I having from this trigger?
  • What is this reflecting to me? 
  • What are some past experiences or beliefs that may be contributing to my reaction from this trigger?
  • Is this something I desire to be able to do for myself? Why haven’t I done it yet? 
  • Is this stemming from jealousy? Do I want this for myself?

We actually unpacked this DM in a recent ep of the poddy so if you are curious about how triggers show up, this DM in particular or the process of unpacking it further then you can listen to that here. 

So normal to be triggered but learning to have awareness and move through them rather than just reacting is important. 

Love always, 

G x

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