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NEG people & how to deal with them.

Hey my loves, 

Have you ever struggled with people being very negative? You know those people, they just feel so low vibe and whenever you try to think big around them they just squash your desires or pull out the ol’ “that’s not very realistic”. 

Sometimes it can feel hard to protect your energy, ESPECIALLY if these are people that you have no choice but to see. So today, I wanted to give you my top tips on protecting your energy… 

If you know someone with a low vibe and are in a situation where you HAVE to see them. Then this one’s for you. 

You can’t always avoid people - often we have colleagues or family members that can really negatively affect our energy and how we feel. 

Here are some of the things I do to combat this:

  1. A practice I liked to do was to imagine myself in a bubble of energy prior to going into any environment where I would know that I would encounter someone with a low vibe. I decided that this was my bubble of energy and that only those who I let could affect it. If someone's low vibe was around me - their energy was not allowed in my space. 
  2. “Kill them with Kindness” - If someone around me was being super negative (especially about someone else) I would just be overly positive in return so that they didn’t really have anything they could say back. For example if they criticised someone’s hair - I would say, “Well, I actually really like her hair.” More times than not the person is stumped and doesn’t really say much else. 
  3. Look at what this is teaching you about yourself. If someone around is being a bit neg - and sometimes they may not even be meaning to. Think about how you can use this to reinforce your own core beliefs & your perspective on the world. As much as we’d like to - it’s not our responsibility to help everyone. 
  4. Create a practice to get rid of the negative energy. Something I’ve been experimenting with is having a practice at the end of the day to transition from Work Georgie to Mum Georgie (I have been loving my sauna for this) to transition from my CEO energy to Mum Energy. Consider having a practice to rid yourself of the negative energy after being in that environment so that you can continue on your day. Potentially even frame it as switching energy rather than “getting rid of” negativity because that might make it easier! 

If you want to know more about how to put this into practice, we had a good chat about it in a recent hotline episode which you can listen to here. 

Love always, 

G xx 

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