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My top 3 Journal prompts to end the year with ✍️

Hey my loves, 

You might have seen on my IG lately that I just went away on my annual bestie sleepover to reflect, plan and get clear going into 2023! 

I came back feeling so refreshed and ready for the new year… so clear on who I was going to be and how I was going to show up! We actually used all the workbooks from my new course, Do It For Your Future Self. I love that I used us as guinea pigs for these workbooks and really perfected them so they are so potent for you! If you want to know more about that course you can click here. 

But today, I wanted to jump on and write a quick blog for you with some prompts to get you started! 

Whether you believe in new years resolutions or not you can’t ignore how transformative it is to have time to reflect, reset and prepare. Goal setting with the proper tools is the first step to actually achieving what you desire 💫

These 3 powerful Q’s will help you get started:

1. What didn’t serve you or feel good this year? (Aka what people, patterns, negative loops are you leaving in 2022!!)

2. What do you want to attract in 2023? What does your big life look like? Everyone’s BIG LIFE will be different but make sure it comes from a heart space, don’t just think “I want a million dollars”... think more why you want that amount of money? Is it because you want to feel secure or have freedom to travel… get down to what feeling you are wanting to attract as that is going to be the most powerful. 

3. Who is the person you need to start embodying to achieve that big life?
(If you are a bit stuck on this, let me explain… for example if your big life includes you owning a business so you can have the freedom to create your own day - how can you embody that now? You might want to create freedom in your morning routine, or schedule in “CEO” hours where you do ‘boss girl’ things - embodying the energy you want to attract is the fastest way to bring it into your reality) 

When you journal on these, I really want you to think of the ‘energy’ in which you feel these things. The most important thing with journaling is that you don’t write what you think you have to, you write what comes to you intuitively. 

Like I always say, if you listen to your intuition you cannot f*ck it up. 

So when you are answering these Q’s, I really want you to dream big, not big with limitations, big as in, holy f*k if this all came true my life would feel like a fairytale kind of big. Because you know what? You can have that kind of life. 

I’ll leave you with this…

You are capable of starting a business and have it be wildly successful. 

You are capable of earning 7 figures.

You are capable of landing your dream job and receiving a pay out of your mind kind of good.

You are capable of moving cities and setting up a brand new life. 

You are capable of achieving literally anything that you desire. 

The only thing stopping you is the stories you are telling yourself, 

So dream big and know that it’s all possible, 

Love always 

G xx 

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