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Mondayitis? I Have a Cure for That

In my opinion Monday is my absolute FAVOURITE day of the week. It’s honestly just as exciting for me as Friday.

Not the most popular opinion though, right?

Most people DREAD Mondays. It’s the end of a weekend, and the start of another grueling week of work or study… what the heck is there to love about Monday’s?

GF it’s time to change your attitude! Let’s face it, everyday we’re alive and breathing is a great bloody day, so what’s the point in spending our lives hating one day out of every week! That’s roughly 52 days a year you’re convincing yourself sucks… what a waste! I hate to say it, but Monday’s aren’t going anywhere ladies and gents…

For the sceptics who need a little bit more convincing, here’s some reasons I am absolutely in love with Mondays:

  1. Monday is a fresh start and offers you a second chance!

  2. It’s a reset day. I feel well rested, and my mind is clear and ready to tackle the week ahead

  3. You have a chance to do BETTER than you did last week.

  4. It’s a great day to set new goals.

  5. It’s a great day to find motivation and inspiration.

It’s all well and good to deliver you some reasons why Mondays are great, but it’s no good if you can’t put them into action, right!? (You know I’m all about those actionable takeaways…)

Hence the purpose of this blog post… to cure your Mondayitis with my 4 ultimate tips that will make Monday the best day of the week! Here goes:


If you spend your whole life believing Monday’s are the worst, that’s 52 days of the year that you spend unhappy… for no reason at all! Do you really want to waste that many days of your life being unhappy when all it takes is a simple mindset shift to turn your Mondays around?

Whenever I’m feeling that “Sunday sadness” come on, I remind myself of how lucky I am to have a job, a roof over my head and food in my belly! It immediately shifts my perspective to become more grateful about the smaller things that I might otherwise overlook or take for granted. Instead of saying “ugh, it’s Monday tomorrow” try swapping that out for “Woohoo! A fresh start to the week tomorrow” and see the difference it makes! Actively trying to engage in positive self talk and a positive mindset shift will make the world of difference.

Actionable step: Write 3 things your grateful for!


I talk about this A LOT, practice it myself religiously and I’ve even dedicated an entire podcast episode to it (you can listen to that here) but I can’t even begin to tell you how important it is to utilise your Sunday afternoon to prepare yourself for not only Monday, but the week ahead. I would start off by mapping out your week in advance, highlighting the most important tasks you need to dedicate your time too. Once you’ve done that, I love to sit down and write out 3 big goals I have for the week because it helps keep me motivated and focused! Lastly, I like to write out my Monday to-do list. That way, when Monday comes around I’m already prepared for it, and it takes almost all of my stress away that busy Mondays tend to bring.

You don’t have to dedicate hours to this, even 30 minutes is enough to do the world of difference!

Actionable step: Write 3 goals for the week.


My last and possibly FAVOURITE tip to curing Mondayitis is to start your week off on the very best foot possible… by getting active and moving your body! Not only do I make sure I have a restful Sunday nights sleep, but I get up early and get my butt moving to kickstart the day. After I am full of endorphins and a happy, clear head, but most importantly I have set the foundation for a productive and healthy day of work!

Actionable step: Get your butt moving, this can be a home workout, weights session or even a walk outside in nature!

To keep the healthy happy train going, I fuel my body afterwards with a super healthy green protein smoothie or a big brekky #health, and then get stuck into my day.

STOP wasting Monday’s GF, they can be amazing!

Love always,

G x

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