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May, the month we mastered self-care!

May, the month we mastered self-care!

I work for myself and I’m always giving 100% to my business. To be honest, I’ve spent most weekends of 2020 working. I’m not complaining, I feel super blessed to have businesses that I get to pour my heart and soul into every day. 

But I’ve been thinking more about what it means to give 100% without burning out. I’ve written about this before, but in 2020, this has a whole new meaning. Lately, I’ve been less productive, had less energy and have reduced the number of workouts I do… It’s like I constantly forget this, but shutting off for a couple days, day napping and spending quality time with loved ones does wonders for the soul. 

At the start of each month I start fresh intentions. So, at the start of May I decided to listen to my body and address the alarm bells that were signalling burnout. I made the intention to give back to myself, even if that meant my business had to take the back seat for a couple of days. 

I’m sure for many of us, this year didn’t go as planned. For me, my dream Europe trip was cancelled (for obvious reasons!) I worked super hard in the lead up to this trip to ensure everything ran smoothly while I was away. So, I would’ve been having a much needed break right now.

But why did I have to wait until I was nearly burnt out to recognise this?! Sometimes, when we get so caught up in seasons of hustle, it’s difficult to notice these signals from our bodies. Sometimes we can even feel guilty to make time for ourselves.

That’s why I made it a challenge to give back to myself for the whole month of May. Don’t be fooled by the word challenge, there are no push ups involved here! I rallied up the Rise and Conquer Podcast community to do it with me so we could all keep each other accountable.

If you struggle to force yourself to unwind, or you simply just want to add some sparkle to your days, then I highly recommend using my self-care challenge template. The aim of the game is to pick off an act of self-care each day, and to have each square ticked off by the end of the month! I know it may seem cute and fluffy, but making sure your self-care is intentional has a massive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. I know I’m definitely going to be doing it again in June! 

Be kind to yourselves,

G xx

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