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It's time to step into your Goddess Energy

Hey there, beautiful souls!

By now you would have heard the excitement about my latest collaboration with Georgie and the Rise & Conquer team! If not, let me introduce myself. I’m Kate Jones, also known as @dedikatedlifestyle on social media, and I am thrilled to finally launch our Goddess Energy Self-Love Journal!

Creating this journal has been such a passion project for me over the past year, and I am bursting with excitement to finally share it with all of you!

Now, let me give you a glimpse into my world.

I'm the gal who dove into the world of social media during a time when I was knee-deep in diet culture, having shed a significant amount of weight and documenting the entire process online. Growing up, I was tagged with the label of the 'funny fat friend,' and constantly fought with societal beauty standards and stereotypes at every turn.

As I navigated my way through adulthood I struggled with juggling work, studies, and my newfound independence and I found myself seeking validation and acceptance. Enter rapid weight loss, promising to solve any hang-ups I had. But as my weight lessened, so did my sense of self-worth.

Compliments became my addiction, fuelling an unhealthy obsession with calorie counting and relentless exercise, all in pursuit of an ideal that, in hindsight, was unattainable.

Beneath the image of success, was actually a cycle of bingeing and restricting, causing a whole lot of guilt and shame. My relationships suffered, my mental health plummeted, and I just felt lost.

The turning point came when I found myself overthinking our wedding menus and honeymoon because of the unknown calories, rather than enjoying the planning process and the actual meaning behind getting married. 

It was then that I realised something had to give and that my obsession had completely taken over. 

I turned to podcasts, books and body positive accounts across social media to help educate and guide my recovery so that I could break free from the hold diet culture had on me. 

Understanding the toxicity of diet culture illuminated the root of my extreme behaviours and the societal pressures to conform. Embracing body acceptance became my mantra, igniting a passion to spread awareness and empower others on their own journey to self-love.

Transforming my social media from a weight-loss-centric platform to a sanctuary of self-love and body acceptance wasn't without its challenges. But the backlash only fuelled my determination to create a safe space for all, irrespective of where they were on their journey.

So how did the journal come to be?

Well when Georgie and the Rise & Conquer team came to me asking to do a collaboration, it felt so aligned, because they are the very place where my journaling journey began. It all started when I completed the ‘Do It For Your Future Self’ course and decided to incorporate journaling into my daily routine. I quickly saw that this was the perfect tool for self reflection, self awareness and growth in general.  

And thus, the idea for the Goddess Energy Self-Love Journal was born. It is a truly unique blend of daily gratitude prompts and self-love exercises designed to nurture and empower, in the most aesthetic coffee table style notebook that you’ll be proud to have on display.

Self-love is not just a trend and it truly is something I will forever be passionate about. 

Through this journal, I aim to guide others on their journey to experiencing the truly powerful impact that self-acceptance can have on every aspect of your life.

Curious to learn more about the journal? Click here to explore or shop.

I can't wait for you to tap into your goddess energy, but while you're here, here are a few journal prompts to get you started:

  • What are three things you are grateful for today?
  • Write a kind message to yourself. 
  • Have you gone through a challenge recently? What were your strengths through this process? 
  • What are three things you appreciate about your body? 
  • What is a positive affirmation you will carry through today?
  • Take a moment to envision your future self. What is one action you can take today that will align you with that vision? 

With all my love, 

Kate xx

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