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How to shift your vibe & drop that funky energy 🕺

Hey girlfriend 

I know times are strange at the moment, there is a lot of uncertainty and devastation in the air. 

So today, I wanted to chat a bit about a few ways you can shift your funky energy. 

Whether you are directly impacted with what is going on in the world or you have just been feeling the collective energy in the air, I’m sure I can talk for every single person when I say, it’s a tough time. 

Whilst it’s completely fine to feel what you are feeling right now (I actually encourage you to go through the wave of emotions without resistance), I know, personally, I love to find ways to shift into a higher vibe & feel a bit better even in the craziest of times. 

Firstly, notice what is triggering you…

This is huge when it comes to shifting your energy, notice what is actually triggering this feeling, can you control it? Can you change it? For example, I know right now for a lot of people, social media or the news is a huge trigger, so if this is a trigger for you, maybe limiting screen time, setting boundaries on what you are consuming & becoming more aware and mindful about what you are consuming, could be super beneficial. 

Once you become aware of what is triggering you (whether it’s an actual event, or it may even just be everything that is happening right now), try journaling on it. 

Journaling & meditation is my holy-grail when it comes to shifting my energy…

Before jumping into journaling, I like to do a meditation, whether it’s 5 minutes or 20 minutes, guided or not, it’s such a good way to come back to your centre and calm your central nervous system! If you are looking for guided meditations, you can either google meditations or we have some in the R&C podcast library! 

Here are a couple you could try:

  1. Guided meditation to attract your every desire 
  2. Gratitude & manifestation for when you are in a rush 
  3. Guided meditation to tap into your intuition 
  4. Guided meditation for productivity

Now it’s time to jump into journaling. Try journaling on what is actually triggering you first, try prompts like:

  1. What is causing me to feel low vibe right now?
  2. Can I control it? (if yes, what can I do?) (if no, remind yourself - it’s out of your control, try to surrender and focus on what you can control) 
  3. How can I remove this trigger from my life? 
  4. Now journal about letting go of the trigger & surrendering… 

Then try journaling on ways to shift your vibe, try prompts like:

  1. Right now I am grateful for… 
  2. Today will be good because… 
  3. I am going to shift into a higher vibe by…
  4. What is my ‘why’ right now? 
  5. What am I currently working towards… 
  6. What am I currently manifesting…  

Now it’s time to move your energy, get active GF! 

My favourite way to shift my energy is by putting on my favourite music and dancing around the living room with the puppies. You could also go for a walk, take some deep breaths, do a workout, whatever feels right for you! Moving your body will help shift your energy and raise your vibe! For me, anytime I'm feeling that funky energy usually means I am way too much in my head and need to get in my body!

My last tip for you today is to call a friend or connect with someone…

I know in the current climate it’s not always possible to connect with people in person, but even just calling a girlfriend or a family member and catching up, can do wonders for your energy! Whether you call them to vent or just to chat, it can be so beneficial to just have that human connection and be reminded of all the beauty in your life! 

I am sending so much love to everyone who is struggling, doing it tough or just feeling all the feels right now! There is always light at the end of the tunnel & we will all get through this together! 

Love always 

G xx 

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