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How to raise your vibe and become an energetic match for your desires 🌈✨⚡️💓

Hey Girlfriend 

Let’s chat high vibe energy 🌈✨⚡️💓

Do you have any rituals or activities you do to shift into a higher vibe?

For example, if I am feeling low-vibe, I turn on some music, dance around my living room and feel the gratitude wash over me. 

Or I grab my journal, grab my crystals, burn some sage/incense and become centred. 

I have certain routines I do when I need to shift into a higher vibe. 

I totally understand that we all have ‘low vibe’ days, and sometimes we need them. Sometimes rugging up on the couch and watching netflix is exactly what we need at the time. 

And that’s okay, you are allowed to have those days, you are allowed to honour your feelings and feel however you need to feel at that time.

But I like to make sure I know the difference between when I need a low-vibe day or when I just need to shift into a higher vibe. 

Which is why I have practices and routines in place when I do need to shift into a higher vibe. 🌈✨ 

Remember: A huge part of manifesting our desires into our reality is becoming an energetic match for our desires

We have to already be living as though that desire is in our reality. 

For example, when I was manifesting my dream house by the beach, I would walk around the city and listen to beach waves so I could feel into the energy that desire would bring me. 

If you want to manifest your dream car, go and test drive that car so you can be in the energy of already having the car. 

If you want to manifest your dream house, go to open houses similar to that house, so you can feel into the energy of having that desire. 

If you want to show up more confidently, hang around people who are confident and feel into their energy. 

If you want to own a successful business, hang around people who are already successful business owners. 

I’m sure you can see where I am going with this. 

Raising your vibe is so magnetic, powerful and magical and once you learn to shift your mood & vibe you become unstoppable. 

I want you to remember you have control over your emotions, you have control over how your day goes and you have control over how you want the day to feel. 

I know things happen to us that are out of our control, but it’s how we react that counts. 

Stop waiting for the day, week, month to get better and start taking it into your own hands. 

Some of my favourite ways to raise my vibe: 

  1. Dancing around the house to my favourite song 
  2. Beach walk with the puppies 
  3. Spending time with a girlfriend who fills my cup up 
  4. Journaling, meditating, pulling cards and sageing my office space 
  5. Making my favourite meal 
  6. Moving my body in a way that feels good 

Once you find your go-to activities that raise your vibe, try implementing them into your daily routines!

It’s a game changer!

Love always 

G x 

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