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Here’s how you can take your manifestation to a whole new level...

Hey my loves, 

Have you ever had a desire that you feel is “too big” or “too much”? Do you find it hard to believe that what you want is even possible for “someone like you”? 

Well, it might be time to enlist the help of… drumroll please… EXPANDERS! (Cue fireworks and confetti)

Now, what on earth is an expander? 

Expanders are people or things that inspire you, stretch your beliefs and expand your sense of what’s possible. They are such a powerful tool when it comes to your manifesting practice. 

But WHY do they work? Firstly, they help you believe that anything is possible. When you see someone who has achieved something that you want, it’s like a little voice inside your head goes, “Hey, maybe it’s not so crazy for me to want this!” Expanders can also inspire you to take action because you can see a real-life example of what’s possible. 

And let’s not forget about how high vibe expanders can be. When you surround yourself with expanders you can’t help but feel good. The high vibe energy helps you to align with what you want, and serves as a constant reminder that you can do anything. 

Something I’ve currently been thinking about at the moment is the concept of having expanders that have not done what you want to do but achieved the unthinkable. In our most recent episode of the HERstory series where we covered Lizzo’s story we spoke about how she was the first person to do a lot of things - this meant there was no expander for her. 

There is almost a hidden power in this because sometimes when you have an expander it limits you to what you think you can achieve or HOW you can achieve it when in reality - everyone’s journey is so different. 

We created the HERstory series on the poddy covering amazing women who we believe can be expanders for everyone from a variety of industries. Their achievements, values & stories are expanding whether or not you want the exact same thing as them. 

Feel free to have a listen here, if you are interested. 

Love always, 

G x 

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